How Dental Fillings Can Affect Your Health?

Dec 01, 2019


With the advancement of dentistry, tooth decay is no longer a big issue. The various processes involved in dental restoration have made rapid advancements to meet up the choice and need of the patients. You can have a brightly golden colored tooth or the one with a natural color.

The decayed tooth can be removed, and the gap can be filled up with dental fillings. The dental fillings are also used to repair the broken or cracked tooth that might have occurred due to dental trauma.

Dental fillings dentist in Boynton Beach is common, and you can get the best of the endodontists to take care of your dental ailments.

Composition of Dental Fillings

According to the needs and choice of the patients, the dental fillings are available in different colors.

They can be broadly classified as –


These are silver-colored dental filings. Amalgams are known to be the oldest dental filings and have been in use for 150 years. The amalgams are prepared by combining 50% mercury, 35 % silver and the rest 15% comprises of tin, copper and other base metals.

Clinically tested to last for 15 to 20years, amalgam dental filings are economical and mostly used to fill the chewing teeth because of its durability.

The mercury present in amalgam dental fillings is non-detrimental as its chemical nature is altered when combined with other metals.

Composite Dental Fillings

They are strong but not as durable as the amalgam fillings. Composite fillings are prepared from a mixture of silica, ceramic particles, and powdered glass quartz that are added to a resin base.

The composite dental fillings are tooth-colored and are bonded into the dental gap by the endodontist. Over time, these dental fillings obtain desired shine. You can get this at any dental fillings dentist near you.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

These are bonded to the tooth through a chemical ink. Over time, they release fluorides that delay the process of tooth decay. Due to its unique feature, the glass ionomer dental fillings find the application on baby teeth and surfaces around the neck of the teeth.

Gold Inlays and On lays

These are the latest introduction to the dental filling treatment. The dental filling dentists in Boynton Beach are specialized in golden inlays and on lays. The inlays are relatively smaller and placed within the biting surface of the tooth.

The on lays are used to cover a larger area of the tooth. The golden dental fillings are prepared in the laboratory and are expensive as compared to other dental fillings.

Porcelain Fillings

These are prepared in the laboratory according to the shape and requirement of your tooth. With the utilization of digital technology, termed as CADCAM, the porcelain dental fillings can be fitted correctly.

Use of Fillings

Mostly the dentist has to remove a decayed tooth as a whole or a portion of it. Once the temporary teeth are gone, you cannot regenerate them. So dental filings are an efficient way to restore your lost confidence due to the dental gaps and also to provide better chewing.

Even the dental cracks or portion of the broken teeth can be fixed with dental fillings. The dental fillings do last for a period of at least ten years. Depending on the state of the dental fillings, it might require replacement.

Any broken dental filling should be replaced soon to avoid further tooth decay. The golden inlays are more durable but costly. The porcelain and amalgam dental fillings are durable and non-toxic too.

Taking Care of your Fillings

The dental fillings are equivalent to your teeth. A number of dental filling dentists are available near you. Proper oral hygiene is essential to prolong the longevity of dental fillings.

Brushing your teeth twice a day and daily flossing the teeth is a good practice to keep the teeth and dental fillings clean. Hot and cold foods and beverages may be avoided in the initial days after the dental filling has been administered. Food rich in fiber or foods that need chewing should also be avoided in the initial days. Even you should be careful while brushing as this might make the dental fillings come loose. You should visit the dentist to experience any loosening or discomfort.

Why Choose Fillings?

The positives of dental fillings are more than the negatives. Apart from persistent pain and discomfort in the initial days after dental filling, you would not experience any discomfort. Moreover, the filling would stop the dental gap and let you chew better. The self-esteem would be increased, and you can smile openly, without hiding the tooth gap.

Additionally, when you have fillings, you can chew more confidently. This in turn will aid in your digestion, and make you healthy.

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