Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening in Boynton Beach, FL

Everyone agrees that a bright white smile can visually take years off of your age, making you ready for that next important event – a job interview, school reunion, or wedding — but it’s important to remember that your best results will be achieved not as a D-I-Y project, but through professional teeth whitening near you.

Why Professional Whitening is Superior to At-Home Treatment

While there are over-the-counter options available for teeth whitening near you and Quantum Dental uses a higher dose of chemicals than most at-home whiteners allow.

Also, the biggest advantage to letting our office perform your teeth whitening procedure is that should something go wrong or you’re not getting maximum results at home, we can be right here to make sure you get the best smile possible. When you choose Quantum Dental for teeth whitening in Boynton Beach, FL you choose the best services for yourself – one’s that are provided using the latest state-of-art technology and equipment.

Age is Just a Number at Quantum Dental

While teeth whitening is not recommended for children under the age of 12, there’s no age limit on the other end of the spectrum – which means you may be an ideal candidate! In fact, older teeth tend to bleach very well as long as there are no pre-existing conditions such as gum disease or root exposure which we can eliminate through an examination.

At-Home Results Can Vary in Boynton Beach

It may seem like common knowledge, but it bears repeating. The success of tooth whitening depends on the tooth, not the product. A good analogy that might paint a clear picture is those whitening teeth is like bleaching hair – not all hairs take to the chemicals the same and can often produce different results. You probably don’t take risks when putting chemicals on your hair, so why take risks with your smile?

Is Time Important to You?

Another reason to let Quantum Dental perform your teeth whitening procedure boils down to a very important commodity. Your time. Since over-the-counter treatments need to be used daily for a period of weeks or months before you start to see results, your time is spent wishing for a perfect smile instead of seeing one! But with our convenient Saturday appointments available in Boynton Beach, you’ll be able to get date-ready or interview-ready on your time!

Other locations where you can choose teeth whitening near you include E Gateway Blvd, High Ridge Rd, Gateway Blvd, Taxology, Quantum Lakes Dr. Book your appointment now to get started!