Florida dentist explains the purpose of a dental implant

Apr 01, 2019

Losing a tooth can be a bigger issue for an individual. It does not only disturb the overall appearances but may also create hindrance for eating and speaking. When dental implants are obtained by expert dentist at Boynton Beach, amazing results can be ensured. It can enhance the look and functions of the teeth. Dental implant at Quantum Dental can also provide right security to root so to prevent bone loss.

Dental implant can replace missing teeth

Dental implant is an advanced dental restoration procedure that can replace the missing teeth. Made up of titanium, it is cylinders that can be attached at the missing area. Implants are most widely used for restoration process because it provides security and stability. It is artificial material that can look exactly like the natural looking tooth and thus it can enhance the overall appearance of the teeth. It feels like natural tooth. Quantum Dental helps obtain dental implant which can function like natural teeth. It is better procedure than other dental restoration and when performed by dentist at Boynton Beach FL, better results can be ensured. Some of the advantages of dental implants are:

  • Using dental implants, single or multiple teeth can be replaced.
  • In case of missing tooth, the root of the teeth start to deteriorate but with dental implant roots and bone strength can be maintained.
  • Implants are made up artificial material which can mimic the natural looking teeth appearances.
  • Implant matches the functions of the natural teeth.
  • With proper care, the dental implants provided by dentist 33426 can even stay for lifetime.

Dental implant procedure

Dental implant is a state of art technique which can only be performed for suitable candidate. The dentist at Quantum Dental will first analyze the condition of your teeth bone. The implant is then positioned so as to replace the missing tooth. In three or six months, the gum and bone around the implant will heal to give better results. For better and natural results with dental implant procedure, you must only trust expert dentist near you.

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