Energy And Sports Drinks Eat Away At Teeth, Study Says

Aug 16, 2019

These days’ youngsters are quite fond of energy drinks and soda drinks. They are quite common in the sports field but many prefer taking such drinks on their daily routine as they believe it could boost their energy for whole day task. Many athletes, sports persons and other people who are connected to vigorous hard work, exercise commonly uses these drinks. Restaurants and supermarkets sell these products because they know their requirements. Many individuals prefer such drinks but very few know that it is harmful to teeth. It is because of this reason that the dentist at Boynton Beach suggests avoiding such drinks for overall dental health.

Dentist often suggests individual to avoid sports and energy drinks because they may have irreversible damage to the teeth. Especially teens and young adults consume these products on a daily basis and affect their teeth adversely. Many studies claim these energy and sports drinks has a presence of acidic contains which can destroy teeth only after five days of consistent use of such drinks. Even when some teenagers are actually aware of this fact, they continue to consume energy drinks on a daily basis. Dentist at Boynton Beach Fl says that one must avoid general use of such drinks because the high acidity levels present in these drinks can erode tooth enamel and may also result in irreversible damage to overall dental health.

So as to reduce the need for advanced treatment at an early age, dentist at 33426 encourage patients to limit their intake of sports drinks. This is because this can lead to hypersensitivity, staining, and tooth decay. These drinks lead to enamel erosion at a very early age which ultimately results in making teeth more susceptible to bacteria and decay.

There are various reasons why you must avoid such drinks for healthy teeth. Further, there are several other drinks and foods which you must also avoid for overall oral health. To know about proper dental health diet plan, consult the dentist near you.

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