Things You Should Know Before Getting Dental Veneers

Aug 01, 2021

Investing in the health and appearance of your smile is one of the ways to lead a high-quality life. When you have a beautiful and healthy smile, you exude a lot of confidence that plays a big role in your productivity in life. However, having such a smile takes work and resources, especially regarding maintenance. While you may not lose your natural teeth prematurely, you may incur some flaws that sabotage their appearance. Such dental flaws include cracks and stains. When this happens, do not give up on your smile. You can reach out to a cosmetic dentist near you for dental veneers that can restore the beauty of your smile.

What Are Dental Veneers?

They are tooth-shaped, tooth-colored oral appliances used to repair and restore teeth. Dental veneers in Boynton Beach, FL, are typically used in cosmetic dentistry to adjust and alter the appearance of teeth. Factors that oral veneers can change about your teeth include the shape, color, size, and mild alignment problems. When you approach a dentist near you about changing the appearance of your teeth, veneers will come up as the most versatile appliances that can be used to transform your smile.

Still before you get dental veneers, you need to study upon them. Learning about how they work and whether they are fit for you is paramount for informed decision-making.

How Do Dental Veneers Work?

Veneers are typically applied to the front surfaces of teeth. It is why they are most suited for restoring and repairing the front teeth. When you have dental flaws, a veneer will be used to cover the affected tooth. The dentist will only need to trim a small part of your enamel to make room for the dental veneer. Using your impressions of your trimmed teeth as measurement, your dentist will then design dental veneers perfect for your teeth. The process of attaching a tooth veneer to a natural tooth is called dental bonding. It involves curing dental cement with lasers or UV light to speed up the process.

Facts About Dental Veneers

Some of the crucial things you should know about veneers include:

  • It entails a relatively non-invasive procedure – no surgery is needed when receiving dental veneers. The only level of invasion will involve preparing your enamel to receive the tooth veneer. Still, the amount of enamel removed will not be as much as that done when getting dental crowns.
  • They are made of different materials – ideally, you can either have porcelain or composite veneers. Both porcelain and composite are tooth-colored, sturdy, and effective for repairing and restoring teeth. The differences between the two materials are minor, based on your preferences.
  • Veneers are versatile – one of the main advantages of dental veneers is that they can be used to meet different needs in dentistry. Some of the ways that veneers are used in dentistry include:
    • Whitening discolored teeth
    • Closing small spaces between your teeth
    • Restoring unusually shaped teeth
    • Masking cracks, chips, and breaks on teeth
    • Resizing worn out teeth
  • You need multiple dental visits to complete your treatment. Dental veneers are not pre-made. Instead, they are tailor-made to befit your smile. The treatment, therefore, would require at least two or three dental visits to be completed. The dentist will require a couple of days to create your veneers in a dental laboratory after getting the mold of your prepared teeth.
  • They can get stained – even though the materials used to make dental veneers can resist stains pretty well, they are not perfect. If you do not take proper care of your teeth after getting dental veneers, they can stain. The problem is that veneers cannot be whitened. Therefore, if they get stained, you may need to replace them if you do not want stained teeth. It is why it is important to care for your veneers when you get them.


If you are looking for a quick and effective solution to your dental flaws, you can bank on dental veneers for their versatility. All you need is to consult your cosmetic dentist and relay your dental goals and desires regarding the transformation of the appearance of your teeth. Set up an appointment with Quantum Dental. We also serve nearby areas like San Castle, Ocean Ridge, Hypoluxo, Miner Road, & Boynton Beach.

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