Planning Your Oral Health Resolutions

Jan 16, 2019

The New Year has just begun and people have made several New Year Resolutions to follow. Some of the resolutions are about being healthy and fit. While we make resolutions to keep our body fit, our dental health is ignored more often than not, says dentist near Boynton Beach.

This New Years’ why not take resolution to improve your oral health. Here’s a Look at Some Easy Resolutions to Follow This Year as suggested by dentist Boynton Beach FL:

  • Buy a New Toothbrush and Make Brushing More Fun

Sometimes all you need is small things that can give a lift to your mood and that small thing can be a new toothbrush. It is always a great idea to use brand new toothbrush in your favorite color than an old worn out brush. It may seem insignificant but will surely make you look forward to brushing teeth. Also, make a resolution to change your brush every 3-4 months throughout the year.

  • Small Alterations In Your Diet

According to dentist in Boynton Beach, it may not be possible to make major changes in your diet all at once but you can begin by making small changes. Sugar is bad both for your teeth and waist so replace sugary foods with fruits. Consume more water instead of beverages and add sugar-free drink mixes to make it tastier.

  • Make flossing a part of your dental care routine

The way your mind is trained to brush teeth everyday twice, you need to train it to floss as well. Brushing alone is not enough for removing bacteria and food particles that get stuck between the teeth and lead to plaque. Floss is easy to use and beneficial for your oral health.

  • Schedule a dental cleaning appointment

Why not begin the year with a dental appointment for cleaning? The dentist near you will not only clean your teeth but also examine for any underlying dental issue that needs to be addressed. He can also suggest dental care routine for healthy gums and teeth and advice good fluoride toothpaste.

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