Is your toothpaste too hard on you?

Jun 16, 2019

People often ask the dentist Boynton Beach FL about which toothpaste they should be using for better cleaning of their teeth, but the part that they forget to understand is that- toothpaste are cosmetic products. While dentists might know of a few good brands you should buy from, they would still mostly focus on telling you to look for certain ingredients your toothpaste should or should not contain (some are mentioned below)-

Watch out for Fluoride! : The main ingredient which made toothpaste part drug and part cosmetic, as approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Fluoride can help people by strengthening their teeth but excess usage might prove to be harmful, especially for young children. Although as per dentist Boynton Beach, if used correctly, then the benefits of fluoride out right outweigh the risks associated with it.

Contains abrasive particles? : Hydrated silica works as the grit that polishes teeth for most of the toothpaste. But it only cleans the upper layer of your teeth, and needs to be used daily for better efficiency. I would personally recommend spending 30 minutes with your dentist in Boynton Beach to get your teeth thoroughly cleaned rather than following the marketing tagline- “two weeks for white teeth”. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

Control the tartar: Does your mouth burn as soon as the toothpaste has a contact with it? It might be because of tartar (tetrasodium pyrophosphate) which helps by not letting food particles stick to the back of your lower teeth. The only problem with this ingredient is that it requires to be dissolved in a stronger detergent, which affects people who are sensitive to higher pH.

Although asking about these ingredients to the dentist 33426 would help you better, but in the end what matters more is how you use your toothpaste. Following points would help you understand this better-

Maybe you are using too much: Don’t let the toothpaste ads influence you when they apply toothpaste on the brush in a flow. It is just to make you use up your toothpaste faster and nothing else. You don’t require more than 1/3rd of that amount (the size of a pea). In fact, children who still swallow a bit of toothpaste while brushing their teeth, would get even more affected as excess fluoride consumption weakens the bones.

You are not taking enough time: Brush for two minutes, because otherwise you might be missing out on spots and not cleaning your teeth thoroughly.

You are not focusing: People often keep on brushing in the same two spots and miss out on cleaning more than 60% of their teeth.

If you wish to learn more, consult a dentist near you immediately and keep smiling!

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