How Does Teeth Contouring Help Fix Your Smile Imperfections?

Mar 04, 2022

Do you have smile imperfections that make you raise your palms whenever you meet anyone? If you want to feel better about your teeth and boost your self-confidence, teeth contouring can enhance the appearance of your teeth and your smile.

Many people use orthodontic treatments to improve their smiles. However, if you want a low-cost alternative, you can consider teeth contouring, although the procedure isn’t suitable for everyone.

If you want to know more about teeth contouring with the process, after-care tips, and whether it is suitable for you, we suggest you continue reading this article for the details you need.

What Exactly Is Teeth Contouring?

Odontoplasty, the acronym for teeth contouring, is a low-cost cosmetic dentistry procedure for fixing chipped, uneven, misaligned, or cracked teeth. The process is painless and completed quickly by the dentist in 33426 by removing some tooth enamel. The dentist also shapes and lengthens the affected tooth. They may also apply a tooth-colored bonding resin to the tooth that hardens on your teeth.

Are You Suitable for Teeth Contouring?

It helps you to note teeth contouring is a process to fix minor or subtle flaws with your teeth and is not a solution for substantial dental issues. For example, if you have severely overlapping or crooked and misaligned teeth, the dentist might suggest orthodontic braces or alternative procedures instead of teeth contouring.

If you want to qualify for teeth contouring, you must have healthy teeth and gums. The procedure entails removing your tooth enamel, and the dentist will not perform this treatment if you have decayed teeth, infected pulp, or unhealthy gums.

How Does Teeth Contouring Proceed?

The teeth contouring process is relatively simple and merely requires you to undergo a dental examination with x-rays to help teeth contouring near you determine the health of your teeth and gums. Your dentist will also evaluate your tooth enamel to decide whether or not it is robust. If you have weak or thin enamel, the dentist recommends alternative procedures like veneers.

Fortunately, if you have healthy teeth and gums, the dentist performing teeth contouring in Boynton Beach, FL, will begin the process of removing some tooth enamel using a sanding disc or other tools. The sanding helps minimize tooth imperfections. They will also trim the size of longer teeth besides shaping and buffing uneven teeth to improve your alignment and bite.

If you have chipped or gapped teeth, the dentist combines the contouring procedure with dental bonding. It helps if you understand combining teeth contouring with bonding increases the cost of treatment significantly from the original $ 50-$ 300 to $ 300-$ 600 per tooth. Teeth contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure, and any expenses you incur are out of pocket.

Teeth Contouring after Care

Teeth contouring with bonding is an excellent technique to enhance the shape and appearance of your teeth. However, it is vital to care for your teeth after the procedure to maintain your results. Your dentist undoubtedly provides after-care instructions and requests you to follow them diligently.

If you have opted for teeth contouring with bonding, the composite resin hardens immediately during the procedure. However, the resin on your teeth is prone to chipping and cracking. Therefore you must avoid biting your fingernails, eating hard foods, and chewing gum to minimize the risks.

The risk of staining is also prevalent with bonding. Therefore you must maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing your teeth at least two times every day to prevent staining. You must also reduce the consumption of staining foods and beverages like coffee and red wine. Although the procedure has no downtime, you might experience some minor sensitivity for about 24 hours after the procedure.

Chipped, cracked, and misaligned teeth can impact your self-confidence, making you hide your smile from everyone. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can correct several issues, but the treatments are expensive. Teeth contouring is a low-cost alternative to helping you improve the appearance of your smile. However, the teeth contouring procedure isn’t suitable for everyone, and if you wish to have this remedy ensure that you understand the treatment comprehensively.

The teeth contouring procedure corrects minor cosmetic issues with your teeth like small chips, tooth length, and minor misalignments. Your dentist might recommend alternative treatments to enhance the appearance of your teeth using braces or dental veneers if you don’t qualify for teeth contouring.

If you have minor imperfections with your teeth that prevent you from smiling, you must consider visiting Quantum Dental to determine whether you are a candidate for teeth contouring, a low-cost cosmetic dental treatment to improve your smile.

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