Consequences of Missing Teeth

May 16, 2019

A single missing tooth can lead to many problems to the mouth and the body. A tooth is required to be removed when it is severely damaged or decayed in order to protect the teeth. If it is not removed then the surrounding teeth can also be affected through that and hamper the overall oral health. The dentist in Boynton beach would take care of this and replace the tooth which would avoid the dental issues. The following are the negative consequences of a missing tooth so find a dentist near you now.

Speak and eat properly

A missing tooth could hinder with your ability to speak and eat properly in your daily routine and can lead to many other health issues as well. It is suggested to contact the dentist in Boynton Beach, Fl as soon as possible and get the tooth replaced.

It can cause a whistling sound while speaking and affects the ability to pronounce words correctly. The dentist in 33426 can solve the problems caused when one is not able to chew properly which leads to digestive issues like acid reflux, or sometimes resort to consuming soft foods only.


It would make it weird when you would smile and even if the tooth is not missing from the visible spot, it will make certain facial changes. The tooth is not there to support the facial features and muscles which could make your face look distorted. The dentist in 33426 is there to save your face from sunken cheeks and wrinkled skin around the area of the missing teeth.

Jaw bone

The dentist in Boynton beach can stop the process of bone resorption where the bone will begin to shrink as there is no tooth to support it.

Alignment and bite

One missing tooth can lead to hampering the whole alignment of other teeth as well because it would have no opposing tooth to rest or chew against. Find the dentist near you so that this process does not damage the opposite gum and stop the tooth opposite of the empty area to over-erupt.

Oral health and physical issues

There would be a higher risk of worn teeth, sensitivity, tooth fracture, and damage if not treated at the dentist in Boynton Beach, Fl. It could affect your self-esteem, confidence, neck pain along with headaches and many other problems as well.

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